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Trouble Sleeping Due to Snoring?

There’s More to Snoring Than Just Sound

While your nighttime snoring may keep your family members awake, it’s more than just an annoyance. Snoring can be a sign of a much more serious problem. While occasional and light snoring is likely just a routine part of sleeping, you should see your dentist or doctor if you have regular or loud snoring for the best assessment for sleep apnea Austin has to offer.

How Does Snoring Happen?

Snoring is not an automatic part of sleeping, despite what many people who snore assume about it. When you fall asleep, muscles throughout your body relax. This includes the muscles that keep your airway open during the waking hours. Breath passes through these relaxed muscles as you sleep. If the tissue is too narrow, inflamed, or otherwise blocking the passage, snoring will occur as an audible sound. In general, the louder the snoring, the greater the obstruction.

Why is Snoring Dangerous?

As you might guess, a little snoring here and there just indicates minor issues that likely don’t need attention. If the snoring is routine or loud even when occasional, you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Sleep apnea occurs when the airways in your throat close up, stopping you from breathing. You won’t necessarily notice the problem because your body will wake you up and restore your normal breathing pattern. You may not even notice you’re coming out of sleep half a dozen or more times per night. Since you are deprived of oxygen at least temporarily during each episode, your risk factors for stroke and heart attack go up significantly. Even if your body is very adept at waking you and restoring breathing, all those instances of leaving deep sleep will leave you tired and finding it hard to focus. Steady, uninterrupted sleep is necessary for good health on all levels.

Do I Automatically Have OSA If I Snore?

Don’t assume you automatically have sleep apnea if you snore. While snoring problems are an indication of this condition, not everyone who snores during their life will experience sleep apnea. Seeing a dentist trained in evaluating this condition will help you determine if you need further sleep studies to test for it.

Signs Your Snoring is More Serious Than You Think

Loud, disruptive, obnoxious snoring is not a sign of good health. Consult our professional team to determine if you have common and early sleep apnea symptoms, such as:

  • Excessive tiredness and sleepiness during the daytime
  • Routine snoring, especially loud or disruptive snores
  • Issues with weight gain or the inability to gain weight when needed
  • Rising blood pressure that isn’t responding to diet and exercise
  • Irritability and anger issues arising from fatigue and difficulty focusing
  • Grogginess upon waking that is hard to shake
  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating, even on simple and routine tasks
  • Mood swings and moodiness.

Sleep Apnea Solutions for All Lifestyles

We can help you find a convenient and comfortable solution to restore your restful sleep habits. You’ll notice a difference as soon as you find the right sleep apnea treatment because you’ll be getting more rest, which has a cascading effect throughout your life.

Treat Sleep Apnea Without CPAP

While the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine may one of the most common recommendations for sleep apnea treatment, it’s not your only option. CPAP machines are uncomfortable and hard to transport when you’re traveling. They require a constant supply of electricity, need a routine cleaning, and limit what positions you can sleep in. If you’re not sold on the idea of using a CPAP machine, that doesn’t mean avoiding treatment. We can help you with an FDA-approved device that requires no power and is much more comfortable to wear. If you can wear a mouthguard for tooth grinding or athletics, you won’t find this device to be a bother at all.

Do Dentists Help with Sleep Apnea?

Our oral appliances are designed to keep your jaw in the right position while you sleep so your airway isn’t obstructed. It works for a wide range of patients with OSA and can help you avoid a CPAP machine or use it less often. Not only is this device portable and silent, it’s personalized for a custom fit to ensure maximum results.

Getting sleep apnea treatment may help you boost your energy levels naturally. You could spend less on coffee, enjoy a better night’s sleep, and stop waking up family members with your snoring. The increased clarity and focus could improve your relationships and career prospects. Schedule a consultation with us here at Niva Dental Specialists to find out more.

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